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Girafes!! (at Planckendael)

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Natasha #BlackWidow #Marvel #NatashaRomanov #sketchy

there weren’t a lot of clients at work today..so Winter Soldier doodles! #wintersoldier #doodle #sketchy

Break Time! Have some Bucky :) #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #sketchy #thewintersoldier

Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr. (April 4th)

Clint: If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, wouldn’t you?

-Dark Reign: The List — Avengers     

Thank every god there is, or was, or ever will be, and the whole universe and anyone else I could possibly thank, that I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform. And that I had the guts to stand up, walk over to her, tap her on the shoulder, open my mouth, and speak.

"When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he’d seen. A man who fell from the stars.

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